0tdnsZero Trust DNS - back-end of a system that verifies DNS responses from around th...17 monthssummarylogtree
AGH-engineering-thesiscode related to my engineering thesis at AGH University of Science and Technolog...15 monthssummarylogtree
AGH-fortran-course/fortran-assignment1This repo contains my homework the fortran course at AGH University of Science a...17 monthssummarylogtree
AGH-fortran-course/fortran-assignment2This repo contains my homework the fortran course at AGH University of Science a...17 monthssummarylogtree
AGH-fortran-course/fortran-assignment3This repo contains my homework the fortran course at AGH University of Science a...17 monthssummarylogtree
C-hashtableC hashtable implementation 14 monthssummarylogtree
birthday-flower-css-animationHappy birthday to my sister 10 monthssummarylogtree
browser-extensionA Web Extension to facilitate replacing sites' nonfree js with free software 3 monthssummarylogtree
change-world-sheetssimple sheets for changing the world 15 monthssummarylogtree
chrysantemumAnonymous Chrysanthemum 11 monthssummarylogtree
digital-freedom-hintsA list of short and simple ways for liberating one's computing 4 monthssummarylogtree
gcc-arm-PKGBUILDsPKGBUILDs for bootstrapping a cross-compiler to arm 17 monthssummarylogtree
hachette_fixes_tmpTemporary repository for fixes and enhancements in Hachette JSON format, for use...14 monthssummarylogtree
haketilo-fixes-demoRepository for sites fixes and enhancements in initial Hydrilla format, for use ...8 monthssummarylogtree
haketilo-hydrilla-sbomSoftware Bill of Materials for Haketilo and Hydrilla 7 monthssummarylogtree
haketilo-packages/apt-common-licensesPackaging of some basic licenses that Haketilo script libraries packaged from AP...5 monthssummarylogtree
haketilo-packages/cors-bypassA library to facilitate bypassing CORS rules in Haketilo site fixes 4 weekssummarylogtree
haketilo-packages/hacktchaA libre JS-based client for Google reCAPTCHA 3 monthssummarylogtree
haketilo-packages/nimi-pona-la-repackagedPackaging of the JavaScript of 5 monthssummarylogtree
hydrillaRepository for fixes and enhancements to work with Hachette 12 monthssummarylogtree
hydrilla-builderTool to build packages for Hydrilla to serve 3 monthssummarylogtree
hydrilla-fixes-bundleFixes for js-encumbered websites, hydrilla source package 9 dayssummarylogtree
hydrilla-json-schemasJSON schemas describing various interfaces of Hydrilla 6 weekssummarylogtree
hydrilla-source-package-exampleA sample Hydrilla 1.0 source package 4 monthssummarylogtree
immutablesA mirror of with Debian packaging in ad...3 monthssummarylogtree
meet-krakow-saintsA list of saints and blesseds associated with Kraków 3 monthssummarylogtree
mothers-day-css-animationOne never gets too old to make a card for his Mommy 16 monthssummarylogtree
pydrillaRepository for fixes and enhancements to work with Hachette, Python implementati...3 monthssummarylogtree
rpi-MMU-exampleSimple kernel to present usage of Memory Management Unit, under Raspberry Pi 3B ...17 monthssummarylogtree
smtps-and-pop3s-console-programC++ program to send and receive email, under Losedows 17 monthssummarylogtree
xml-backup-restoreC program to populate a MySQL/MariaDB database from an xml backup created by Dja...17 monthssummarylogtree