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2020-12-31Add Wishbone datasheetsWojciech Kosior
2020-12-29add the ability to include additional data at the end of bitstream image and ...Wojciech Kosior
2020-12-29add a C program for translating binary files to format understood by VerilogWojciech Kosior
2020-12-29fix align valuesWojciech Kosior
2020-12-28also add a wasm version of example1 for comparisonWojciech Kosior
2020-12-28add a tclasm version of example2Wojciech Kosior
2020-12-28small change in text outputted during simulationWojciech Kosior
2020-12-24add example, that measures time and prints it to screenWojciech Kosior
2020-12-24fix typoWojciech Kosior