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masterInclude images in built package.W. Kosior6 weeks
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2024-05-03Include images in built package.HEADmasterW. Kosior
2023-09-05Make it easy to override Make variables with the guix command to useWojtek Kosior
2022-11-23add WSGI scriptWojtek Kosior
2022-11-22move Guix packaging to a moduleWojtek Kosior
2022-10-31add internationalization and polish translationsWojtek Kosior
2022-10-31become compatible with jinja 2.10Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-31include jinja templates in sdist and in wheelsWojtek Kosior
2022-10-31add READMe.mdWojtek Kosior
2022-10-31make website basically usableWojtek Kosior
2022-10-29initial commitWojtek Kosior