AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-13remove node-specific code from sha256.jsHEADv1.0masterWojtek Kosior
2022-04-13bump version to 1.0Wojtek Kosior
2022-04-13don't source shell_utils.sh which no longer existsWojtek Kosior
2022-03-25make Makefile automatically rewrite itself when Haketilo version is bumpedv1.0-beta3Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-25bump version to 1.0-beta3Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-25make a tar.gz distribution archive in one go (no intermediate .tar generation)Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-24fix encoding detection in StreamFilterkoszkoWojtek Kosior
2022-03-24fix payload creation for file:// URLsWojtek Kosior
2022-03-12add `dist` make targetv1.0-beta2Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-11don't double-modify response headers retrieved from cacheWojtek Kosior
2022-03-11make the order of rules in generated CSP deterministicWojtek Kosior
2022-03-10treat "view-source:" pages as privilegedWojtek Kosior
2022-03-10fix application of default blocking rule under ChromiumWojtek Kosior
2022-03-10fix chromium synchronous policy fetching for file:/// URLsWojtek Kosior
2022-03-10fix incorrect variable referenceWojtek Kosior
2022-03-10improvement to also properly sanitize intrinsics in XML documents under older...Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-10bump version to 1.0-beta2Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-10change "Install preview" button text to "More..."Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-10present appropriate error message when using popup in Private Browsing modeWojtek Kosior
2022-03-08correct the Private Browsing mode notice on settings pageWojtek Kosior
2022-03-05improve script blocking in non-HTML documents (XML)Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-04fix setting of 'blocked-blocked<...>-<name>' attributes and add testsWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04for () loop stylingWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04fix setting of 'blocked-<name>' attributes when blocking intrinsic event hand...Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-04prepend all generated console messages with 'Haketilo:'Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-04fix comment typoWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04display an informative message in settings page if IndexedDB cannot be accessedWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04improve styling of item previewWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04include $schema property in internally-generated resources/mappingsWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04optimize Pattern Query Tree for size of its JSON.stringify()'ed representationWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04stop `haketilo()` fixture cleanup from closing last browser windowWojtek Kosior
2022-03-04validate repository responses against JSON schemasWojtek Kosior
2022-02-28change copyright notice of js-sha256 code to be exactly the same as in upstre...Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-28make 'check' Makefile target an alias to 'test'Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-25remove unused shell_utils, update upload_amo.sh to still workv1.0-beta1Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-21inject scripts to pages utilizing blob: URLsWojtek Kosior
2022-02-19fix URL construction when downloading definitions from HydrillaWojtek Kosior
2022-02-19make exception for localhost while disallowing http:// repo urlsWojtek Kosior
2022-02-18fix mistake in READMEWojtek Kosior
2022-02-18make "uuid" an optional propertyWojtek Kosior
2022-02-17automatically pick up a free port to run the HTTP proxy onWojtek Kosior
2022-02-17fix test-environment* targetsWojtek Kosior
2022-02-17make README table proper MarkdownWojtek Kosior
2022-02-17update README.mdWojtek Kosior
2022-02-17quote $(pwd)Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-17add a `test-prepare` convenience targetWojtek Kosior
2022-02-17fix `configure` options of the format '--option value' and 'OPTION=VALUE'Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-17don't copy README.md to built HaketiloWojtek Kosior
2022-02-17remove unused sh script fileWojtek Kosior
2022-02-16fix out-of-source buildsWojtek Kosior