AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-01warn that this software is unlikely to be useful besides that university cour...HEADmasterWojtek Kosior
2020-07-24add licenseWojciech Kosior
2020-06-19u┼╝ytkowanie na zaliczenieWojciech Kosior
2020-06-19send emails to users when ip doesn't matchWojciech Kosior
2020-06-18treat both yes and yes (with quotes) in the config as TrueWojciech Kosior
2020-06-18remove unneeded sudo (we're running as root anyway)Wojciech Kosior
2020-06-18remove add_config.pyWojciech Kosior
2020-06-18fix passing of a shell variable, that can contain spacesWojciech Kosior
2020-06-18remove unneeded sys.argv importWojciech Kosior
2020-06-18check if 0tdns is still running every 15, 30 and 45 minutes past na hourWojciech Kosior
2020-06-18provide default config, that doesn't give less private /30 subnets the number...Wojciech Kosior
2020-06-17remove lockfile on rebootWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17change indentationWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17don't enable routing on all interfacesWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17change column name (user_side_service.name -> user_side_service.web_address)Wojciech Kosior
2020-06-17specify timeout when connecting to databaseWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17make logfile writeble by 0tdns userWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17prepend log message with an hourWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17use the actual exit status valueWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17decrease verbosity of openvpnWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17don't close connection and cursor second timeWojciech Kosior
2020-06-17decrease query validity counter when successfully performedWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16close cursor and connection if returning early due to lack of private address...Wojciech Kosior
2020-06-16log all attempts to place duplicates in databaseWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16move logging to ztdnslib.pyWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16write failures to database separately for each vpn and distinguishing between...Wojciech Kosior
2020-06-16explain why we put subprocess in the dictWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16use vpn_id instead of pid for tagging namespacesWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16fix typo (hadled_vpns -> handled_vpns)Wojciech Kosior
2020-06-16specify private addresses to assign to VETHs in the configWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16fix to not write records for vpns we don't handleWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16don't print config file contents on syncingWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16rename ztdns_db_connectivity -> src/ztdnslibWojciech Kosior
2020-06-16make a file lock on hourly executionWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15put vpn connection failure info in responses tableWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15give more detailed result info in responses tableWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15use timestamp with timezoneWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15use separate connection for each threadWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15round hour when insertingWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15preform dns queries in threads, throttle requests to the same dnsWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15append to last log instead of overwriting itWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15appripriately log vpn connection failuresWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15handle failing vpn connectionsWojciech Kosior
2020-06-15specify number of simultaneous vpn connections in config fileWojciech Kosior
2020-06-12create vpn connections in parallelWojciech Kosior
2020-06-12add small fixes and pseudo-logging to hourly scriptWojciech Kosior
2020-06-12do not retry on failed connectionsWojciech Kosior
2020-06-12fix database write bugWojciech Kosior
2020-06-12specify full path to openvpnWojciech Kosior
2020-06-12specify query result type as a string valueWojciech Kosior