AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-25signify README is outdatedHEADmasterWojtek Kosior
2020-12-31Add Wishbone datasheetsWojciech Kosior
2020-12-29add the ability to include additional data at the end of bitstream image and ...Wojciech Kosior
2020-12-29add a C program for translating binary files to format understood by VerilogWojciech Kosior
2020-12-29fix align valuesWojciech Kosior
2020-12-28also add a wasm version of example1 for comparisonWojciech Kosior
2020-12-28add a tclasm version of example2Wojciech Kosior
2020-12-28small change in text outputted during simulationWojciech Kosior
2020-12-24add example, that measures time and prints it to screenWojciech Kosior
2020-12-24fix typoWojciech Kosior
2020-12-24prepare makefile infrastructure for writing examplesWojciech Kosior
2020-12-21remove double lines in memory map commentsWojciech Kosior
2020-11-23write Wasm code, that can print a number on the screenWojciech Kosior
2020-11-23add unsigned division remainder instructionWojciech Kosior
2020-11-21add miscellaneous module, which controls led2 and button2 and provides a time...Wojciech Kosior
2020-11-21stop make from automatically deleting generated .mem filesWojciech Kosior
2020-11-21fix typo in commentWojciech Kosior
2020-11-21increase number of wb slaves, that can be attached to the interconWojciech Kosior
2020-11-03incorporate SPI module into main designWojciech Kosior
2020-11-03add spi wishbone slave with a simplified flash memory chip model and a test b...Wojciech Kosior
2020-10-10fix yosys synthesisWojciech Kosior
2020-10-08translate webasm block of instructions + put instruction names as comments in...Wojciech Kosior
2020-10-06add translation of relational operations and loopsWojciech Kosior
2020-10-06add some debugging facility inside the cpuWojciech Kosior
2020-10-06add relational operations to stack machineWojciech Kosior
2020-10-06add translation of br_if instructionWojciech Kosior
2020-10-05fixes, add_sp instruciton and translation of br instruction from wasmWojciech Kosior
2020-10-05fixes, conditional if-not jump and translation of if-else instruction from wasmWojciech Kosior
2020-09-22perform type checking of translated instructionsWojciech Kosior
2020-09-22on 'make clean' also delete .mem files compiled from .wasmWojciech Kosior
2020-09-21make running tests through Makefile more comfortableWojciech Kosior
2020-09-21point out the fact, that only one value type is supported for nowWojciech Kosior
2020-09-21use function pointer array in Wasm opcode translationWojciech Kosior
2020-09-21enable translation of few arithmetic operations (testbench included)Wojciech Kosior
2020-09-21fix memory verification in wasm_compile testsWojciech Kosior
2020-09-21fix leb decodingWojciech Kosior
2020-09-21put function call wasm_compile test in separate benchWojciech Kosior
2020-09-21prepare to perform wasm_compile tests a bit different from stack_machine testsWojciech Kosior
2020-09-19initial work towards translating wasm to stack machine (with a provisional be...Wojciech Kosior
2020-09-16add function calling (call, ret and drop instructions) with a testbench + bug...Wojciech Kosior
2020-09-16also enable reading from vga text memoryWojciech Kosior
2020-09-16fix old commentsWojciech Kosior
2020-09-14update comment to reflect changesWojciech Kosior
2020-09-14add ability to make non-aligned loads/stores and loads/stores of 1 or 2 bytes...Wojciech Kosior
2020-09-14fix outdated information in commentsWojciech Kosior
2020-09-09enable byte-grained reads and writes through interface_wrapperWojciech Kosior
2020-09-09fix verification when SEL_O != 4'b1111Wojciech Kosior
2020-09-08enable slave and master models to use SEL_ signalWojciech Kosior
2020-09-08remove trailing whitespaceWojciech Kosior
2020-09-08Update READMEWojciech Kosior