AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-26update conclusions to new resultsHEADmasterWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26replace results with newer onesWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26use syntax that doesn't break gnuplotWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26add conclusionsWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26expand README, embed plotsWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26add plotsWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26add sample resultsWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26set titles for plot linesWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26add gnuplot scriptWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26add public domain waiverWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26expand README, use english onlyWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26generate plots in scriptWojtek Kosior
2019-04-26add README.mdWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25add block multiplication option to scriptWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25adjust blocks size for different real typesWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25add block variant of matrix multiplicationWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25fix indexing bugWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25add script that runs mull with different optionsWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25add additional improved implementationWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25usage info string correctionWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25whitespace correctionWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25enable mul implementation selection on command line, improve error notificati...Wojtek Kosior
2019-04-25accept floating point kind as command line argumentWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25use error_unit for writing error messageWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25support alternate floating point type numberingWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25terminate program on wrong floating point kind specifiedWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25make selection between floating point types possibleWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25create function for measuring, make selection of mul implementations possibleWojtek Kosior
2019-04-25basic time-measuring loopWojtek Kosior
2019-04-24add primitive main programWojtek Kosior
2019-04-23specify array shape in declarationWojtek Kosior
2019-04-23fix parantheses typoWojtek Kosior
2019-04-23implement multiplication using dot_productWojtek Kosior
2019-04-23use more readable size() notation in bettermathWojtek Kosior
2019-04-23use more readable size() notationWojtek Kosior
2019-04-23implement better multiplicationWojtek Kosior
2019-04-23fix a typo (better -> bett)Wojtek Kosior
2019-04-23implement naive multiplicationWojtek Kosior
2019-04-22Add public domain waiversWojtek Kosior
2019-04-22add dotmat module boilerplateWojtek Kosior
2019-04-22fix typo in module and elementsWojtek Kosior
2019-04-22add bettermat module boilerplateWojtek Kosior
2019-04-22fix filename typoWojtek Kosior
2019-04-22add naivemat module boilerplateWojtek Kosior
2019-04-22add cmakelist fileWojtek Kosior