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+This repository contains PKGBUILDs for gcc arm cross-compiler.
+I made these in 2019 because back then there was no working
+arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc in any of: Arch, Parabola, Hyperbola, AUR.
+If you want to make use of this now, you'll need to adapt it to
+newer versions of packages...
+I did all this in a bit non-standard way (using -source packages)
+because it seemed cleaner than having to pull the same sources
+for builds of both glibc and gcc...
+These packages actually bootstrap the arm cross-compiler without
+the need for an earlier version of it to be present. This
+is like (professional) Debian's approach and unlike Arch's.
+I inspired heavily from Debian's packaging of gcc cross-compilers.
+I (obviously) release my contributions to the PKGBUILDs under
+Creative Commons Zero. The original PKGBUILDs I based on were
+available on AUR and in Hyperbola's (and maybe Parabola's) repos and
+I couldn't find any explicit license notice for them. By common sense
+I assume they were not non-free.