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2019-07-24correct polynomial order for gaussWojtek Kosior
2019-07-03return NaN for wrong poly order argument and handle this error upper in the c...Wojtek Kosior
2019-07-02add licensesWojtek Kosior
2019-06-30sum values in a smarter orderWojtek Kosior
2019-06-30fix coarray allocationWojtek Kosior
2019-06-21change functions order in code to one better IMOWojtek Kosior
2019-06-21add gauss quadratures, generic way (untestedgit add quadratures.f90)Wojtek Kosior
2019-06-21move threading code and quadtature selection into separate functionsWojtek Kosior
2019-06-21parallelize newton-cotes (untestedgit add quadratures.f90)Wojtek Kosior
2019-06-21compozite newton-cotes integrationWojtek Kosior
2019-06-21newton-cotes integration of entire interval at onceWojtek Kosior
2019-06-21make quadratures a module, sketch the integrate fuction for newton-cotes quad...Wojtek Kosior
2019-06-21initial commit - check that function pointers really workWojtek Kosior