AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-20fix 'referenced before assignment' errornickWojtek Kosior
2021-11-20remove unused variableWojtek Kosior
2021-11-19fill served definitions with computed sha256 sums of filesWojtek Kosior
2021-11-18implement redirections to resourcesWojtek Kosior
2021-11-17enable querying of patterns by urlWojtek Kosior
2021-11-17add link to software sources to ease compliance with AGPLWojtek Kosior
2021-11-17add source index.json contents fetchingWojtek Kosior
2021-11-16add license fetchingWojtek Kosior
2021-11-16enable fetching of all mapping/resource versionsWojtek Kosior
2021-11-16update example urlsWojtek Kosior
2021-11-16fix debian packagingWojtek Kosior
2021-11-16correct make_tarballs->tarballs in READMEWojtek Kosior
2021-11-15make test passWojtek Kosior
2021-11-15add missing variable assignmentWojtek Kosior
2021-11-15remove unused functionsWojtek Kosior
2021-11-15rename LICENSE->COPYINGWojtek Kosior
2021-11-13initial commitWojtek Kosior