AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-12[builder][server][proxy] correct a mistake in promise textkoszko-v3.0Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-12[proxy] Add support for script blocking/allowing rulesWojtek Kosior
2022-09-12[proxy] make web UI top par horizontally scrollable on smaller screensWojtek Kosior
2022-09-12[proxy] guard more code with lock in Haketilo state implementationWojtek Kosior
2022-09-12[proxy] allow prompting the user when a package suitable for current site is ...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] make package auto-installation workWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] complete the text content and styling of web UI pages written so farWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] visually improve the top bar of the web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] fix a bug that caused mappings to be marked as required even after th...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] improve the look of item lists in web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] allow packages to be frozen and unfrozen in the web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[builder][server][proxy] add updated localizationWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] make it possible to enable and disable mapping versions from web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] make information about mapping version being frozen available to UI codeWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] improve styling of items' "install" and "uninstall" buttons in the we...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] make sure that dependency tree recomputation by default activates the...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[server][proxy] add a data structure for categorizing item infos by repositor...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[server] make VersionedItemInfo data structure a common API againWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] never auto-activate mappings marked as "DISABLED"Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[server][proxy] use new ItemType enum where possibleWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] once again fix SPDX identifiers in jinja templatesWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] refactor we UI library and package pages templates to avoid code repe...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] make it possible to also view and install/uninstall libraries (resour...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] make it possible to uninstall a packageWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09include offending mapping identifiers in exception when unable to resolve dep...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] move SPDX license identifiers from jinja templates to separate filesWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] properly flag failed package installations in sqlite dbWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] refactor state implementationWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] normalize whitespace in .py and .sql filesWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] normalize whitespace in jinja templatesWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09[proxy] make package version info page also display other versions; fix&impro...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09make Haketilo proxy recognize identical items when updating from repositoryWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09make repo packages (mappings) load as uninstalled; make them installable thro...Wojtek Kosior
2022-09-09inform the web UI user about errors in communication with repositoryWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09arrange web UI Jinja templates into multiple directoriesWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09make it possible to change repo's name and URL using web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09update repository last refreshal time upon refreshingWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09add styling to buttons and file inputWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09add navigation bar to web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09introduce package installation state enumWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09re-enable the functionality to load packages from ZIP fileWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09allow pulling packages from remote repositoryWojtek Kosior
2022-09-09allow adding, removing and altering repositoriesWojtek Kosior
2022-08-22make it possible to list all repositories in the web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-08-22remove unneeded oversimplified_state_impl.pyWojtek Kosior
2022-08-22bring Hydrilla server part back to a usable stateWojtek Kosior
2022-08-17allow loading packages from zip files through web UI and listing installed ma...Wojtek Kosior
2022-08-12make Haketilo proxy web UI in terms of a Flask appWojtek Kosior
2022-08-12fix REUSE complianceWojtek Kosior
2022-08-11serve a stub of meta-site for proxy configurationWojtek Kosior