AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-31[builder][server][proxy] complete internationalization and add polish transla...HEADmasterWojtek Kosior
2022-10-31[proxy] include jinja templates in buildsWojtek Kosior
2022-10-29[builder][server][proxy] add `reuse-lint` Makefile ruleWojtek Kosior
2022-10-29[builder][server][proxy] make translations.py mypy-compliantWojtek Kosior
2022-10-29[proxy] use common jinja templates subrepo as a standalone package moduleWojtek Kosior
2022-10-29[builder][server][proxy] remove unneeded custom sdist setuptools commandWojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] move common jinja templates into a subrepositoryWojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] prevent our injected script-src-elem directive from blocking popup sc...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] don't add scrollbars when not strictly neededWojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] make it possible to export embedded documentation as standalone .html...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] add an index page to the documentationWojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] document repositoriesWojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] document advanced web UI featuresWojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] document packagesWojtek Kosior
2022-10-28[proxy] don't use gettext for localization of doc pages; add a stub of "packa...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-27[proxy] document popupWojtek Kosior
2022-10-27[proxy] document script blockingWojtek Kosior
2022-10-27[proxy] gather available doc page identifiers programmaticallyWojtek Kosior
2022-10-27[proxy] document policy selectionWojtek Kosior
2022-10-26[proxy] Make some improvements to the URL patterns doc page internationalizat...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-26[proxy] add documentation page describing URL patterns in HaketiloWojtek Kosior
2022-10-26[builder][server][proxy] remove commented special pattern object definition f...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-26[proxy] properly handle wildcard protocols in payloads patternsWojtek Kosior
2022-10-26[builder][server][proxy] make indentation of `substitute*` in hydrilla.scm co...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-25[builder][server][proxy] remove unneeded, commented-out python-immutables pac...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-25[builder][server][proxy] prevent Guix package interference with locally-insta...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-25[proxy] make Haketilo popup functionalWojtek Kosior
2022-10-22[proxy] extract potentially reusable HTML jinja templates into a separate dir...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-22[proxy] simplify usage of class variables of `Policy` subtypesWojtek Kosior
2022-10-22[proxy] make popup script injection configurable throught the web UIWojtek Kosior
2022-10-21[proxy] facilitate injecting non-payload script to all pagesWojtek Kosior
2022-10-21[proxy] correct style in page_init_script.js.jinjaWojtek Kosior
2022-10-21[proxy] Correct payload_resource.py module docstringWojtek Kosior
2022-10-21[proxy] rework CSP manipulationWojtek Kosior
2022-10-21[proxy] rename `js_templates` directoryWojtek Kosior
2022-10-20[proxy] rework internal HTTP headers representationWojtek Kosior
2022-10-19[proxy] pass all available flow information to relevant methods of Policy typeWojtek Kosior
2022-10-19[builder][server][proxy] for make targets that spawn a shell, modify bash pro...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-19[proxy] instead of writing addon.py under Haketilo state directory, include t...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-19[proxy] use XDG_STATE_HOME to determine the directory for Haketilo to store i...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-18[proxy] upon Haketilo launch automatically open Haketilo landing page in user...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-18[builder][server][proxy] facilitate running mypy linter through MakefileWojtek Kosior
2022-10-18[proxy] only listen on address by defaultWojtek Kosior
2022-10-18[builder][server][proxy] make generated tarballs reproducibleWojtek Kosior
2022-10-17[builder][server][proxy] orchestrate Guix-powered development with a MakefileWojtek Kosior
2022-10-13[proxy] remove an outdated comment informing that we're running mitmproxy in ...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-13[proxy] make sure ~/.haketilo/store/ exists before using itWojtek Kosior
2022-10-12[proxy] list 'requests' as one of Haketilo dependenciesv3.0-beta1Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-12[builder][server][proxy] replace guix.scm with a loadable scheme module; docu...Wojtek Kosior
2022-10-11[builder][server][proxy] minor stylistic corrections to guix.scmWojtek Kosior