AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-28add babel to extras_requireHEADmasterWojtek Kosior
2022-04-27improve installation instructionskoszkoWojtek Kosior
2022-04-27fix bug in the sample WSGI scriptWojtek Kosior
2022-04-27make use of the 'help' parameter of click.command() decorator for localized h...v1.0Wojtek Kosior
2022-04-27fix/improve wsgi deploymentWojtek Kosior
2022-04-26correct default content directory in sample Apache2 conf filesWojtek Kosior
2022-04-25update READMEWojtek Kosior
2022-04-25depend on version 1.0 of hydrilla builderWojtek Kosior
2022-04-25don't require setuptools newer than in Devuan stableWojtek Kosior
2022-04-25typo fixWojtek Kosior
2022-04-25support --help and --version options when running the sample wsgi script from...Wojtek Kosior
2022-04-25use pyproject.toml for pytest configuration and move all tests to tests/ dire...Wojtek Kosior
2022-04-22make REUSE aware of the licensing of Debian packagingWojtek Kosior
2022-04-22document --version option in the manpageWojtek Kosior
2022-04-19add sample apache2 config filesWojtek Kosior
2022-04-19bugfix: prevent default function argument from being modified upon first callWojtek Kosior
2022-04-19add sample wsgi scriptWojtek Kosior
2022-04-19add support for --version option; expose --version and --help over HTTPWojtek Kosior
2022-03-08don't include schema patch version number in generated instancesv1.0-beta2Wojtek Kosior
2022-03-07fix sending of JSON definition straight from disk fileWojtek Kosior
2022-03-02refer to other sources for more information about running HydrillaWojtek Kosior
2022-03-02mention PyPI freedom issues in READMEWojtek Kosior
2022-03-02add Hydrilla server manpageWojtek Kosior
2022-03-01update schema versions to 1.0.1Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-24send /query responses with proper mimetypev1.0-beta1Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-24also specify babel dependencyWojtek Kosior
2022-02-24update README for 1.0 pre-releaseWojtek Kosior
2022-02-24adapt to change in hydrilla.util.translation()Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-24(temporarily) remove debian packagingWojtek Kosior
2022-02-24add version constraints on hydrilla.builderWojtek Kosior
2022-02-22use flask.send_file() in a way comptible with WSGI deploymentWojtek Kosior
2022-02-22support Flask 1.0Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-22change translation domain to 'hydrilla-messages'Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-21enable using with Python 3.7Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-21make hydrilla.server.config.load() use the default configĀ path when none is ...Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-19make relative malcontent dir paths work when passed on the command lineWojtek Kosior
2022-02-19fix a message stringWojtek Kosior
2022-02-18make "uuid" an optional propertyWojtek Kosior
2022-02-14specify full schema URL in instancesWojtek Kosior
2022-02-12when generating JSON documents, put generating software info in 'generated_by...Wojtek Kosior
2022-02-12remake internationalization, using Babel this timeWojtek Kosior
2022-02-09make resource dependency specifier an objectWojtek Kosior
2022-02-09change file path formatWojtek Kosior
2022-02-09rework Hydrilla to use a separate tool for building its source packagesWojtek Kosior
2021-11-20fix 'referenced before assignment' errornickWojtek Kosior
2021-11-20remove unused variableWojtek Kosior
2021-11-19fill served definitions with computed sha256 sums of filesWojtek Kosior
2021-11-18implement redirections to resourcesWojtek Kosior
2021-11-17enable querying of patterns by urlWojtek Kosior
2021-11-17add link to software sources to ease compliance with AGPLWojtek Kosior