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# Hydrilla (Python implementation)
-This is the repository of Python incarnation of [Hydrilla](https://hydrillabugs.koszko.org/projects/hydrilla/wiki/Wiki), a repository software to serve [Haketilo](https://hydrillabugs.koszko.org/projects/haketilo/wiki) packages.
+This is the repository of Python incarnation of [Hydrilla](https://hydrillabugs.koszko.org/projects/hydrilla/wiki), a repository software to serve [Haketilo](https://hydrillabugs.koszko.org/projects/haketilo/wiki) packages.
+The information below is meant to help hack on the codebase. If you're instead looking for some noob-friendly documentation, see the [user manual](https://hydrillabugs.koszko.org/projects/hydrilla/wiki/User_manual).
## Dependencies
### Runtime
-* Python3
+* Python3 (>= 3.7)
* [hydrilla.builder](https://git.koszko.org/hydrilla-builder/)
* flask
* click
-* jsonschema
+* jsonschema (>= 3.0)
### Build
@@ -22,6 +24,7 @@ This is the repository of Python incarnation of [Hydrilla](https://hydrillabugs.
### Test
* pytest
+* reuse
## Building
@@ -63,14 +66,12 @@ python3 -m pip install dist/hydrilla*.whl # or use the full file name
[^pypi_freeware]: [https://pypi.org/search/?c=License+%3A%3A+Freeware](https://pypi.org/search/?c=License+%3A%3A+Freeware)
## Testing
For tests to pass you need compiled message catalogs to be present. If you've performed the build at least once, they're already there. Otherwise, you need to run `./setup.py compile_catalog`. Then you can run the actual tests:
``` shell
python3 -m pytest
-## Debian package
## Running
### Hydrilla command
@@ -95,6 +96,10 @@ man ./doc/man/man1/hydrilla.1
Last but not least, you might find it useful to consult the default, internal configuration file of Hydrilla that resides under `src/hydrilla/server/config.json` in the sources repository.
+### WSGI
+If you want to test a more production-suitable deployment option, consult sample Apache2 config files and a WSGI script supplied in `doc/examples` directory.
## Copying
Hydrilla is Copyright (C) 2021-2022 Wojtek Kosior and contributors, entirely available under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later. Some files might also give you broader permissions, see comments inside them.