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masterOdysee script improvementsWojtek Kosior16 months
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2021-08-02Odysee script improvementsHEADmasterWojtek Kosior
2021-08-01Add a fix for PC Specialist UK and tinker with the SParse layout scriptjahoti
2021-07-31add Odysee video search; Odysee mostly works now but unicode might cause prob...Wojtek Kosior
2021-07-31fixesWojtek Kosior
2021-07-30Add two old, incredibly simple CSS-based fixesjahoti
2021-07-30add incomplete odysee fixWojtek Kosior
2021-07-30add internet archive video fixWojtek Kosior
2021-07-30add readmeWojtek Kosior
2021-07-30gather initial fixesWojtek Kosior